Massive South Texas Wind Storm Rips Off Trailer Door During Intricate Solar Panel Install

Atiscosa tx solar panel install renewable Republic wind storm

Just imagine being up on a roof laying solar panels in Atascosa, Tx when a massive wind storm kicks up out of no where.  As you are installing an intricate solar system design on the roof, a huge gust of wind blows through and rips off the door of your solar install trailer and throws it into the air.  Now picture the looks on the faces of our solar install crew when this happened.


Solar Safety Is Super Important

Thankfully no one was hurt during this ordeal on Wisdom Rd.! The team was fully outfitted in their roofing safety gear.  Our guys were able to safely finish laying their solar panels to complete the 10.66 kW solar system installation.  On time I might add.

Eliminate Monthly Power Bill

We are always glad to help others lower or eliminate their monthly power bill. Saving money on electricity gets simple with CPS Energy giving up to $25,000 in Residential Solar Rebates for businesses and a 30% tax deduction during tax season.

Atascosa tx solar panel install renewable Republic


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Bottom Line Electric Bill Savings For 25-30 years

Eliminating or greatly reducing your annual electric bill will positively impact your home budget bottom line for 25-30 years.  Being able to live a more sustainable life is greatly helped by capturing all of that free energy the sun generously donates to us each day.

Solar panels give us the freedom to weather the storm of ever increasing electric bills.  Take advantage of the lucrative CPS energy rebates while they are still available.  The longer you wait the lower the rebates will get!

We have installed just over 2 MW of power to date and counting.  Let us help your family maximize your money saving potential.

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