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Getting solar panels in San Antonio Texas is super easy.  Since the price of solar power technology has drastically fallen recently, CPS solar rebates & Federal tax credits make owning a solar power system affordable for almost any Bexar County, Tx. homeowner. Learning how to get solar panels in San Antonio only takes a few simple steps.

  • Decide you want to finally save money on your electric bill
  • Get a Free Solar Install Quote & onsite solar analysis
  • Accept install terms & Renewable Republic CPS “INSTANT REBATE”
  • Pay less up front – Get solar panels installed
  • System commissioned & turned on by CPS Energy
  • Claim your huge 30% tax credit
  • Enjoy lifelong electricity savings

San Antonio has one of the best solar rebate programs in the country.  With Renewable Republic offering an upfront “INSTANT SOLAR REBATE” before your solar system installation is completed, it allows you to get solar power on your home or business with less money out of pocket.  This makes solar energy instantly more affordable for everyone.

Most of our residential solar system installations can be installed in just 1-3 days once on site. Then we have an extensive staff to expedite the CPS paperwork process. We will waste no time scheduling CPS energy to approve your solar panel install and get your green energy flowing. Allowing you to just sit back and enjoy all of the energy savings benefits provided by the new solar panel installation on your home.

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Renewable Republic is the top solar installer in San Antonio based on numerous customer testimonials, providing the best solar panels & inverters for residents and businesses in San Antonio, Austin, and Bexar County ,TX  Request Your Free Solar Quote Today!

Our team has been one of the top San Antonio solar equipment suppliers since 2009.  We are a local San Antonio solar pv installer. Our downtown warehouse at 1903 S. St Marys St. is our company headquarters where we stock all of our solar panels in San Antonio.

The Renewable Republic specializes in both residential solar panel installation & commercial solar installs. Our team is composed of a diverse mix of renewable energy specialists including a master electrician, two journeyman electricians & two apprentice electricians on staff that help compliment our several NABCEP certified solar panel pv installers.

When working with the Renewable Republic, buying solar panels for your home becomes a simple task. Once you get your FREE QUOTE & SITE ASSESMENT, we handle the solar permitting process, the pv panel installation and of course the CPS Energy solar rebate paperwork that can get you UP TO $25,000.

What Solar Equipment do You Need for a Solar Electric System?

The Basics Four Pieces of Solar Energy Equipment

Solar Panels

Solar pv panels are the backbone of any solar system installation.  These can be mounted on any roof flat or slanted.  The optimal orientation for your photo-voltaic panels is either south, southwest or southeast.  These orientations will guarantee maximization of the solar power that you can generate on a daily basis.  You don’t ever want to install solar panels in a north facing position as it will greatly limit the amount of solar energy you will be able to produce.

Power Inverter

A power inverter is solar energy equipment that allows the energy produced from your solar panels to be used directly in your home or pumped back out to the power grid.  Power inverters are essential in every green energy solar system installation.

Charge Controller

A charge controller is a piece of solar energy equipment that is used for power outage battery back up or off grid solar applications.  The charge controller regulates the flow of electricity produced by the pv panels that goes into the battery bank.  These solar devices guarantee the batteries are topped up & charged without over charging the batteries. Over charging a battery bank could greatly harm the batteries and lessen the battery life.


Batteries or battery banks are solar equipment components used for off grid applications or grid tied power outage battery back up.  Most notably in the news recently Tesla’s Powerwall is a Lithium-ion battery very much like the battery technology we use everyday in our smartphones & tablets.  Which basically means you can drain the battery fast at almost 90% capacity with little or no repercussions. Most battery banks today comprise of lead acid batteries  which allow a slower drain and only up to 50% of the battery capacity safely without damaging the battery.  These batteries are comprised of acid flooded cells, absorbed glass mats or gel batteries.  Adding a battery component to your solar strategy can be quite expensive but give you the reassurance if the power goes out you will always enjoy the benefit of your solar panels without any interruption in service.

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