South Texas is extremely blessed by the sun and the green power that it provides our great state.  Being a San Antonio solar installer provides us with not only great tans but also the opportunity to spread this unlimited solar power around to the congregations of Von Ormy.  It was our privilege to expertly install a 93kW solar panel system on a sprawling commercial metal roof housing a Chapel beneath.  Every time we do a Bexar county solar panel installation it is always a new experience even though we have years of experience between us.  SOLAR POWER MUSCLES BELOW

von ormy chapel solar install
von ormy chapel solar install


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As songs of praise filled the halls below, showers of sun rays beat down on the solar system.  Electrifying the entire building as power flowed through wire laden arteries installed by our solar panel installation crew.  Passion and praise came together today helping make our world a little bit of a better place that we all can live in.

Just imagine the muscles you would have after lifting 358 solar panels from the ground, up a ladder and to the roof. Our guys definitely got a great workout lifting these pv panles this week.  There is definitely no need to pay for a gym membership if you are a full time solar installer!  Solar panel installation daily workout sessions could be coming to a community near you soon!


There are so many solar companies San Antonio has seen, yet there is only one San Antonio solar service company that is so passionate about sustainability, social change and anything solar.  Join us on our solar pilgrimage to help make solar energy accessible to anyone who desires the power of solar.


Contact us anytime to inquire about our San Antonio Solar Services.  We would be happy to assist you with a Solar Installation anywhere in the Bexar county & surrounding areas.

Solar powers everything you can imagine. Solar powering options grow with each passing day. The cost to install solar panels has drastically reduced due to economies of scale, attractive solar rebates and large tax incentives. This one fact is making a Texas solar panel on every roof a possibility.

Renewable Republic in one of the only solar energy companies located in downtown San Antonio. Our headquarters is located at 1903 S. St Marys St San Antonio, Tx 78210.  We set our-self apart from other solar panel companies in San Antonio; with our 25+ five star reviews on Facebook & Google. No other solar power companies are based in Southtown next to King William District.

We pride our self in being the #1 customer focused solar company in the San Antonio metro-plex. If you want to take advantage of this reduced cost of installing solar panels contact us today! We are San Antonio & We are Solar.

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