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The Renewable Republic is a Solar Install Company & Urban Farm. The Renewable Republic was founded on a passion for solar power & sustainability. Since 2009, we've installed hundreds of solar systems totaling over 2 MW of power in & around central Texas.
Address :
1903 S. St Marys St.,
San Antonio,
TX-Texas - 78210
United Sates.
Tel : 2103388810
Email : info@therenewablerepublic.com


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Our mission here at the Renewable Republic is nothing short of urban sustainability and community development through innovation, organization, and hard work.

The Renewable Republic was founded on a passion for solar power. Since 2009, we’ve installed hundreds of solar systems equating to over 2MW fo power in & around central Texas.  Request a Quote for your very own personal power plant today!

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When you Go Solar you get paid to Save-the-Environment. Every watt-hour your solar system delivers is a watt-hour you don’t have to buy from your utility. Even better, after the system is paid off, the money you save from producing your own energy becomes a tax free source of income!

Equally important, once you choose to go solar, you are removing your household’s demand for electricity derived from filthy coal, oil, and other fossil fuels. Going solar is easily one of the greatest contributions a household or small business can make to reduce their carbon footprint.

Solar systems have shown to produce energy far longer than the standard panel warranty of 25 years, and are showing to significantly increase the value of the property for resale. With current federal and state incentives still available, there will never be a better time to Go Solar!

The Service Description

The Renewable Republic provides homeowners and businesses with turnkey solar PV & solar thermal installations and servicing. Our principle aim is to assist our clients in achieving energy independence in the most practical and cost effective manner possible. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction as our past clients will attest. There are still a number of rebates and incentives available, so call us today to schedule your free site inspection before its too late!

The Results:

Eliminate or drastically reduce your electricity bill; Return on investments as high as 15%, with payback in as little as 9 years for certain systems; resale value of your home, as a result of having its very own power plant; Most importantly, you’ll be doing your part to reduce our worldwide dependence on fossil fuels.

The Price

Typical residential roof-mount installations cost our customers between
$2.50-$3.00 / watt, depending on the difficulty of the installation,
brand of hardware used, and size of system.

Incentives & Rebates

Numerous incentives and rebates are still available in the central Texas area.
Call us for details!  (210) 338-8810

Our Pledge

We pride ourselves in treating our clients, colleagues, and competitors in the manner we like to be treated. Here is our pledge to you:

1. We pledge to provide you with an objective assessment, with complete disclosure as to the how and why behind the numbers.

2. We pledge to be safe, clean, courteous, and communicative, inside your house and out.

3. We pledge to be more than a service provider, but partners in the quest to live on this earth sustainably, while having a good time doing it.

4. We pledge to be earnest and to never purposely promise something that cannot be realistically achieved.

5. We pledge to do everything in our means to satisfy our customers because we want you to be as happy about us as we are about you.


We often host numerous DIY workshops, summer camps, concerts, and events.  Follow us on social media to keep up with the latest happenings at the Renewable Republic.