Fossil Fuel Twilight and Permaculture Abundance

The work before us is very simple but also uncharted. It’s one of those things I guess, sale in the post inheritance of the fossil fuel twilight. Living in a humming global world with it’s ecosystems in decline and it’s climate and future uncertain.   The simple and paradoxically difficult task is to rebuild an […]

Solar PV String sizing and Why it’s important !

Disclaimer:  This tutorial is for qualified persons only. If you do not understand and respect the hazards associated with Electrical work, especially DC current > Do not read this post.  The Renewable Republic takes no responsibility for any unlicensed electrical work. Grid Tied Solar has these basic parts. Solar PV modules (aka Solar Panels) run […]


Instructional: Hugelkultur

It doesn’t get any simpler than hugelkultur. It’s a brush pile with dirt. The wood apparently helps regulate the moisture as it soaks it up during a heavy rain, then releases it slowly.  Cool fungus also seems to be present thanks to the (slowly) decaying branches. I think this helps biologically activate the soil… This style of […]